Business Of The Month – February 2019

The February 2019 Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Month

Location: 47 W Cumberland St, Martinsville, IL 62442
Phone: (217) 382-6672
Darcie’s Gifts opened their business in Martinsville in April 1990.  The business name changed to Darcie’s Scrapbooks & More in 2001.
When Darcie’s first opened, they offered various small gifts, greeting cards, and Anniversary gifts. When the store name changed the gift items were discontinued and the greeting card section, in combination with various scrapbook items. To enhance their capabilities a UPS drop off station was added as well as License and Title Services.
Products and services we currently offer include Scrapbook supplies, greeting cards, UPS shipping, license and title services, vehicle sticker renewals, fax and copy service and Darcie’s custom baked goods which includes decorative cakes, cookies and delicious cupcakes
One thing that Darcie’s is looking forward to is promoting is their Cakes by Darcie service. It is a delightful service that many, in the community, do not seem to be aware of. An under utilized service if you will. All of the baking and decorating is done at this location.
What the folks of Darcie’s likes best about doing business in Martinsville is that they get to know their customers very well and understand the products they want and quality they expect. Having said this, Darcie’s loves to see new customers walk into their business, they may come in strangers but, more often than not, they leave as return customers.