Gas Meter Safety

Gas meters are used to accurately measure the amount of gas used and are read monthly.
DID YOU KNOW? …….. That the meter set also has a regulator that reduces the pressure to a level that can be safely used by your gas appliances as well as a valve to shut off gas service to the house, particularly during an emergency.

Besides meter readers …. Gas Department Employees and Fire Department personnel may need emergency access to the meter.

In addition to keeping the meter free from bushes, trees and landscaping…
* If you plan to add landscape material around the meter, call the Gas Department If the meter and valve need adjustment so that they are safely above the ground height.
* Keep other debris and items like bicycles, gardening equipment and hoses, etc. away from the meter location. Also, meter sets are not designed to tie up the family dog.
* It is forbidden to build any structure (deck, fence, etc.) over or around the meter set.* Advise your children not to play on or around the meter set.