Procedures for Calling in a Gas Leak Call (Odor Complaint)

Procedures for Calling in a Gas Leak Call (Odor Complaint)


A Gas Leak Is An EMERGENCY Until Checked


Phone number to call: 217-382-4323 / 911 (This is a 24 hour number)
Martinsville City Hall – 217-382-4323
Normal Business Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Monday thru Friday
When a Gas Leak Call is called in the following questions will be asked. This information is needed to determine how best to respond to your needs.

Please note for your safety the “INSTRUCTION TO CALLER” information.

1. Who Is Calling?__________________________
2. Is There A Fire?        Yes_______ No________
3. What Is Address Or Location________________ ______________________________
(Please Get Good Directions) _______________ ______________________________
4. Is Odor Inside Or Outside?    Inside__________ Outside__________
5. Is The Smell Weak Or Strong?  Weak_________ Strong __________
6. How Long Have You Smelled This Leak? _____ ______________________________
7. Can You Hear It?    Yes ___________________ No _________________
8. House, Apartment, Business? ______________ _______________________________
9. Time & Date Call Received     Time__________ Date ____________

Time & Date Call Dispatched Time __________ Date ____________





Leave The House Or Area (If Smell Is Strong, Inside, Or If They Hear It)
Do Not Turn Anything On Or Off
Do Not Open Windows
Do Not Ring The Door Bell
Do Extinguish All Open Flames
Do Not Hang Up The Phone, Just Lay It Down