The City of Martinsville contracts gas service within the city limits. Gas service for residents who live inside Martinsville city limits is included in the city utility bill which covers water, sewer, garbage removal, and natural gas.


The City of Martinsville gas distribution system was installed in 1964. It has grown to over 14 miles of main and services. 630 residential, commercial and industrial customers within city limits and beyond.


The Martinsville Gas Department operates and maintains the distribution system and metering station. Some of the duties include the installation of new services and mains, maintenance of all services and mains, meter maintenance, leak and cathodic protection surveys, responding to odor and CO complaints and location of services and mains.

Gas Superintendent

Todd Shaffner

Gas Department Staff

Chris Snearley

Outside Martinsville city limits, residents must arrange gas service through private contract serving the Martinsville area.


City of Martinsville Gas Department EFV NOTICE (Excess Flow Valve)

Procedures for Calling in a Gas Leak Call (Odor Complaint) Phone number to call 217-382-4023/911

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Safety Precautions

Gas Meter Safety

Corrugated Flex Connector Warning

Customer Owned Service Line Notice

Carbon Monoxide

Good Flame vs Bad Flame

Using Natural Gas Appliances

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