Minutes for June 25, 2014

Minutes of the City of Martinsville, Committee meeting held on June 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM in council chambers.

People in attendance were; Council members; Chris Davidson, Joe  Hawker, Bill Cross, Fred Clement, Gordon Crutchfield and David Doran along with Clerk Wilhoit. Employees and people in attendance are attached to back of minutes.


Agenda items discussed:



Julie Bounds to address committee concerning council guidance on the comprehensive plan for the city:  Julie commented that she had reviewed the economic development portion of the comprehensive plan and handed out a paper with her goals she has in mind for the city.  Council will review the goals and let her know.


Vicki Schwartz to address committee concerning liquor ordinance:    Vicki addressed council as to her plans of opening a restaurant/bar facility in Martinsville and if council would have any problems issuing her a Class D license.  She is to receive a copy of the liquor licensing ordinance and applications, look them over and come back to liquor commissioner with any further questions.


View and discuss appropriation ordinance to have ready for July council meeting:   after council review the appropriations presented will be presented at July council meeting for approval.


Discuss hours of operations in the parks:  council will give this matter further thought before any ordinance is drawn up.


Reminder of July meeting dates:   Due to fair week the council meeting and committee meeting were scheduled for a week later which makes the dates July 16 and July 30 respectfully.


Council comments:  Chris Davidson stated that the sidewalks and curbs that have been discussed before would cost $800 for the city workers to fix.  He suggested that when construction work is done that disturbs the sidewalks, curbs, streets and yards we should fix them back immediately.  Chris also mentioned there were 6 stumps that need ground.


Public comments


Mr. & Mrs. Alan Dean addressed committee with their concern of a recent incident of being served a warning notice for the offensive smell of animals in their yard.  Council listened to their comments and advised there was an internal investigation going on and if they wanted to pursue this matter they would have to go through the legal process.


Julie Bounds passed on information from Jason Kupferer on the status of his restaurant.  He has full funding for the project and has plans to order supplies as early as next week.


Rob Reynolds commented on the timed parking spaces that Mr. Kupferer had ask about earlier and said he was against allowing them as it would cut down on the parking on the main street.


Committee meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


By: Marlene Wilhoit