Minutes for May 28, 2014

Minutes of the City of Martinsville, Committee meeting held on May 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM in council chambers.

People in attendance were; Council members; Chris Davidson, Joe  Hawker, Bill Cross, Fred Clement, Gordon Crutchfield and David Doran along with Treasurer Short and Clerk Wilhoit, Terry Gard, Herman Davidson, Norma Calvert  and Police Chief Bowman.


Agenda items discussed:



Discuss No U turn on Cumberland Street:  after considerable discussion it was determined that we need find out the legal meaning of a U turn and for now we will leave the ordinance as is.


Discuss reducing speed on Cumberland Street: any reduction in speed will cause a reduced speed a head sign to be erected. After discussion the council would like an ordinance for reducing speed to 25MPH on Cumberland Street from Western Avenue to Grant Street.

It was also discussed to install a speed limit on Kendall at the ball fields and ordinance will include changing the speed to 10MPH on Kendall Street east of Grant Street.


Update on By-laws and constitution at Ball Park: Herman Davidson presented council with a copy of the constitution, by laws, rules and regulations for the summer recreation program.  He pointed out the only change council will need approved at the next council meeting will be Article 10 (A) where they changed their regular meeting to the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at City Hall.


Discuss curbs – Chris Davidson:   Chris mentioned three spots that need the curbs replaced where the city removed for construction and a couple spots of sidewalk that need fixed.  Marlene will give street dept a work order on the mentioned spots.

            Curbs at 101 N Washington, corner of Washington and Bond and along street at 18 N Washington and sidewalk spots on Cumberland street right before the Library and a section at 201 N Mill Street that was never fixed from a waterline install.

The council also mentioned all the spots on our new sidewalks and curbs and wondered if there was any type of warranty that would cause them to be fixed.  Marlene will contact someone to get an answer.


Discuss security lights at ball park – Chris Davidson:  There was great confusion on where exactly there needed to be lights and what type of lights so this was tabled and the ball park people will be coming back to council with better idea of lights and pricing.


Discuss appropriation ordinance:  Marlene advised council to look over their yearly treasurer report and be ready to approve the appropriation ordinance no later than July.


Notify council about public meeting on June 2nd for comprehensive plan:  the comprehensive steering committee will hold a public meeting led by Coles County Regional Planning to enlighten the public as to their recommendations to the council for the comprehensive plan.  The meeting is at City Hall on June 2, 2014 starting @ 6PM






Public comments:



Norma Calvert addressed council about some confusion on electric at Linn Park. 

The council has already given Martinsville on the Move permission to put 220/110 fixtures in Linn Park for festivals and vendors but the city must initiate the work order with Ameren for electric and set up the account. It is understood that if there is any cost to this then Martinsville on the Move will be paying the bill. So Marlene will contact Ameren and get this cleared up for them.


Council members would like monthly reports from Julie Bounds whom they are paying for economic development work.


It was announced that the City received $10,000 from the Linn foundation grant request to be used towards expenses installing the new playground equipment in the Veteran’s Memorial Park.


Committee meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.


By: Marlene Wilhoit